Physiotherapy (literally, physical therapy) involves the assessment and treatment of physical injury and ailments and has the primary aim of returning the body to normal and pain free function. 

Barnes Sports Clinic has two full time Chartered Physiotherapists on site, Matthew Barnes and Stephen Barnes. We cater for people from all different walks of life, from athletes to office workers. We also maintain a healthy rapport with many general practitioners, specialists, surgeons and clinical institutions which ensures that you get the best treatment available when you need it.

We have a firm belief in the importance of fully rehabilitating injured areas of the body. This strong belief is reflected by the fact that our Clinic boasts one of the most extensively equipped rehabilitation gyms in private practice. See our gym page for more details of our gymnasium. We champion a professional yet informal approach to physiotherapy and know that the best way to solve your problems starts with our listening to you. In this way you can feel assured and at ease with the treatments that you receive at the Barnes Sports Clinic as you will have had a say in the formation of your own treatment protocol.

The Clinic offers a large array of treatments for physical injuries be they recently received or long term ongoing problems. This means that should for any reason a treatment be unsuccessful there are plenty more that we can draw upon to facilitate your recovery.

Sports therapy

Sports Therapy involves the specialist treatment of injuries related to sports. It uses many of the same methods found in general physiotherapy practice but is more refined to the needs of sporting individuals. This is particularly true in the rehabilitation programmes administered under sports therapy, where, especially in the later stages, the rehabilitation of an injured area will become increasingly sports-specific.

As Sports Therapy is a versatile vocation, our sports therapists can often be found working closely alongside our Chartered Physiotherapist during treatment and rehabilitation protocols that cover a broad range of physical ailments inside and outside the realm of sport. Tanya Draper and Meryn Churchouse-Bilton are both sports therapists.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a targeted type of massage that aims to focus on troublesome areas of your body rather than following a pre set format as with other massage types. In other words, you tell us where you would like us to concentrate on. This same principle also guides the pressure applied to the body. Contrary to common misconception, sports massage can be made as vigorous or as gentle as you wish. It is considered to be useful in both the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and occupation. 

We cater for people from all walks of life from the weekend squash player to the professional boxer. Whatever your level of skill or experience in sport you could benefit from sports massage. But you don’t have to be an athlete; indeed, sports massage is often used by people outside of the sporting world to alleviate muscular tension and promote a healthier body.

Relaxing massage

We can provide a more relaxational emphasis to your massage by borrowing from different styles such as regular body massage, Swedish massage and Thai massage. This can easily be altered to suit your preferences. If there are areas you would prefer us to concentrate on or avoid, simply let us know and we will tailor the session to your needs. 

Personal training

Barnes Sports Clinic offers a unique and dynamic one-to-one Personal Training service that is tailored to your own needs and goals. Our training programs draw on the varied and extensive experience of our team and many different physical disciplines contribute to our exercise routines; from athletic coaching and military PTI training to bodybuilding and martial arts conditioning, each area has something to give, something we can give to you.

We have a comprehensively equipped gymnasium and we believe in tried and tested methods of exercise and try to avoid the glamorized image that modern personal training tends to advocate, instead operating under a firm belief in hard work cultivating rewards. That said, we are welcoming of new ideas and innovations and this is reflected by how often we incorporate the latest concepts and equipment into our gym. All of our personal trainers also work as therapists; this means that their clinical knowledge contributes directly to your exercise programs.

So, whether you are looking to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass we can help; it’s what we do!

Martial arts

Wing Chun Instruction

Wing Chun is an easy to learn martial art which does not require high levels of fitness or strength to practice. This martial art uses avoidance and defensive blocks simultaneously with retaliatory strikes and kicks to provide versatile form of self-defence. Personal instruction and grading up to black belt level are available and provided by Matthew Barnes. 

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport, a versatile martial art and an excellent form of self defence. This unique style of kickboxing is often referred to in Thailand as the “art of eight limbs” as it uses eight points of contact within its varied techniques: the fists, the elbows, the knees, and the shins. Barnes Sports Clinic offers one-to-one Muay Thai instruction with Matthew Barnes, who was personally trained by professional Muay Thai boxers in Phuket, Thailand. The training can be as intense or as gentle as you wish. Attendance and achievement certificates for Muay Thai instruction are available on request; please contact the clinic for more details.