1. Why is Chartered Society of Physiotherapy status important? The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a member-led supporting professional organization. They are the most prominent physiotherapy association in the UK, and they oversee the quality and welfare of those who deliver physiotherapy and receive it. Chartered status is also important when patients seek to make claims on their health insurance, which will often require physiotherapists to hold CSP membership. Barnes Sports Clinic has two chartered physiotherapists: Matthew Barnes and Stephen Barnes.
  2. What is the Health Professions Council? The HPC is a regulating body which is responsible for monitoring and maintaining high standards amongst health professionals. This is so you can be assured you receive treatment from a qualified and competent practitioner. Matthew and Stephen are registered with the Health Professions Council.
  3. How do I pay for my treatment? We accept cash and cheques, payable after each session, but we do not accept cards.
  4. How long does a session last? Treatment sessions usually last for half an hour, but longer sessions are available on request. The length of personal training sessions vary according to the needs and aims of the individual but generally last between half an hour and 45 minutes.
  5. Can I use my health insurance cover? Insurance cover varies tremendously, but most comprehensive insurance packages will have a determined allowance for physiotherapy under the direction of a Chartered Physiotherapist. It is always best to check with your insurance broker. Once you have clarified your insurance status, please telephone the clinic with a copy of your policy available so that we may take any relevant details.
  6. How do I book an appointment? Just give us a call on 01225 859047 to book an appointment.
  7. What is the point of physiotherapy? Physiotherapy translates directly as physical therapy; it uses many different techniques to bring about recovery in a wide range of physical conditions.
  8. Do I have to be injured to come to see you? Not necessarily, as physiotherapy and sports therapy include many techniques designed as preventative measures, particularly in people with people who participate in sport, and those engaged in manual labour. Also, personal training services are available to anyone.
  9. Do I have to have a sports-related injury? Absolutely not; although the Barnes Sports Clinic specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, we have extensive experience with the treatment of all physical conditions.
  10. Can sports therapists only treat sporting injuries? No, our sports therapists are qualified to deal with a range of issues, though they retain specialist skills in dealing with sporting injuries.
  11. Do I have to be referred by a doctor? No, although bear in mind that this may be a stipulation of your insurance cover, should you want to use this to pay for your treatment. If you are paying yourself, you do not need to be referred by another medical professional.
  12. Can doctors provide physiotherapy? General Practitioners can provide limited advice with reference to physical therapy; however, Chartered Physiotherapists are specialists in their field, and so can offer a more comprehensive analysis, diagnosis, and range of treatments.
  13. Will physiotherapy solve my problem? There is of course, no guarantee that physiotherapy will solve a problem entirely, as everybody is different. However, physiotherapy does have a high success rate in providing symptomatic relief and promoting recovery. Also, the Barnes Sports Clinic offers a particularly wide range of treatments on-site; this means that if a treatment protocol is unsuccessful, there are plenty of other clinical tools at our disposal.
  14. Can I be accompanied during treatment? Of course, though please bear in mind that space is limited in the clinics, so we would recommend only one person accompanying you at any given time.
  15. Can my child come alone? No, our pediatric policy dictates that all under-18s and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over the age of 18.
  16. Is there free parking? Yes, there are free and ample parking facilities at the front of the premises. Please bear in mind that vehicles and their contents are left on the clinic premises at the owner’s own risk.
  17. Are you able to cater for disabled people? Yes, nearly all of the services provided by Barnes Sports Clinic are situated on the ground floor of the establishment. There are some small steps to negotiate which may require some aid for those who need wheelchairs. If you make us aware of any special requirements, we will do our utmost to assist you.
  18. Do you have showers? Yes, the Barnes Sports Clinic does offer shower facilities which can be used after treatment or personal training. We do recommend that you make us aware that you wish to use the showers when you book, so we can ensure there is one free for you.
  19. Do I have a say in what treatments I receive? Of course; we always endeavor to make patients aware of the various treatments available, and although we may encourage certain treatments, your preferences will always be important to us.
  20. Can I use the gym by myself? Yes you can, but you must first have a full gym induction to ensure that you can safely use the equipment. This generally takes around 45 minutes.
  21. Do I have to take my clothes off? It is possible to receive some treatments whilst wearing your clothes, although you should understand that the range of treatments available will thus be limited. Should removal of clothing be necessary, we will do the utmost to preserve your personal privacy and dignity.
  22. Can I see a female therapist? We do have two female sports therapists, Tanya Draper and Meryn Churchouse, although both our chartered physiotherapists are male.
  23. Can I request a specific therapist? Of course, but please bear in mind that some members of our team are generally busier than others, so this may limit available slots.
  24. How much will my treatment be? For our prices, please contact us.

If we still haven’t answered your question, please do contact us.