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Our Professional Diploma Course

In the near future, Barnes Sports Clinic will be introducing its own professional diploma course in physical fitness instruction and sports remedial therapy . This course will be the perfect supplement to the level 3 qualifications that can be awarded by the Barnes School of Sports Therapy.

This course is for budding sports therapists, and will include visits to Bath University and lectures from top surgeons. We are seeking accreditation for this course.

The professional diploma course will be different to other qualifications in that it will borrow directly from the nearly 30 years of experience of the Barnes Sports Clinic rather than following other set curriculums. In this way, you will learn the most useful and relevant information in the treatment of physical injuries first-hand from experienced members of our professional team. Over the duration of the course you will also become familiar with our ethos, which places a great emphasis on physical fitness and thorough rehabilitation, and also the vital importance of leading by example, which inevitably means developing your own professional and physical prowess to a high level.

Simon teaching.

The course will teach you a variety of skills, and seek to further develop your professional knowledge. You will also be taught how to present yourself to your patients and clients, how to communicate effectively and how to speak and present information in front of others. You will be expected to train every day to a high level and you must reach a superior fitness standard, so that you may serve as an example to others, and understand first-hand the pressures of physical discipline.

The course will culminate in you facing our board of examiners, which will include Chartered Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists , Orthopaedic surgeons, general practitioners, and other academic professionals. This represents your final examination where you will be asked to answer questions and to demonstrate the skills that you have learned over your challenging days at the clinic. You will be physically and mentally fatigued, but you will be expected to perform well. If you satisfy our rigorous standards, you will then be presented with your Barnes Sports Clinic professional diploma.

You will also be provided with the essentials for setting up your own practice, including ultrasound and stimulation equipment, massage bed, screening equipment, and a t shirt bearing the Barnes Sports Clinic badge. Please note that if you do not want these extras, they can be deducted from the price. For more information about this exciting new development contact the clinic on 01225 859047.

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